# What is L192 ?

# What do you need to know before applying to be a merchant?

# About L192

L192 has been known to be the best shopping platform in Cambodia, serving hundreds of thousands of online shoppers since 2010. Being the very first pioneer of Cambodia online platform, we have gained enormous support from our customers and became the most trusted online shopping platform whose sole purpose is to deliver the best customer service, fulfillment and after-sales services.

# How much does it cost ?

Fee Types Description Amount
Inventory Storage Fee Fee for storing products in our warehouse is posted at the end of the month based on the total volume in (M3). $20/M3 $10/M3

Discount 50%

Handling Fee Fee for services such as picking up, packing, handling, customer service and product returned is posted when a product is successfully delivered to the buyer. $0.1 +$0.05 (>$10) +$0.05/KG (>5KG)
Pickup Fee Fee for stores/sellers that did not store their products in L192 warehouse which require L192 to pick up the product when having buy orders. This fee is not applicable if your products are placed at L192. $0.25 +$0.1/KG (5KG)
Delivery Fee The fee is posted when a product is successfully delivered to the buyer. $0.15 +0.1/KG (>5KG)
Product Entry Fee The fee is posted if the seller/store requires L192 to upload products on their behalf. $1/product
FBL Inventory Processing Fee Unpack the shipment package, verify the dimensions and weight of the product, label each unit, and store each unit on L192 shelves. The fee is posted automatically when a shipment is successfully processed. $0.02/unit
FBL Inventory Removal Fee Collect all the units to be removed from L192 shelves, pack the units, and send to the supplier. The fee is posted automatically when a removal is successfully processed. $0.05/unit

# Commission

L192 charges a commission for every product sold on its platform. The fee is posted automatically.

Sale Price In $
Commission %
Less than 100 10
Less than 300 5
Less than 500 2
500 and above 1

Exception: 20% commission will be charged over any products under categories below:

  • Women Fashion and its subcategory (https://www.l192.com/category/40)
  • Men Fashion and its subcategory (https://www.l192.com/category/180)

#What are the requirements to be a merchant?

  • Email Address
  • Business information, such as company registration name, company registration code, place of registration, etc…
  • Tax and bank information, such as VAT, bank account information.
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